Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Special Request

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I often receive requests for personalized and custom orders, 
this request I'm about to tell you about was a first- which I was very happy to do. 
I received a message from a customer explaining to me that her dog had recently passed, and she would very much like her dog's favorite blanket made into a puppy dog plush. She wanted to personalize the puppy with her dog's name "Jubilee", along with adding the date she passed away discretely.
For the name, I added it to the side of the body in white thread on the solid pink fleece used from the blanket. For the date, I used a dark pink thread and embroidered it to the underside of one of the ears,
which were made with the pink camouflage part of the blanket.
It's never easy losing a furry member of the family. I'm hoping that when Robin opens her package and sees this pup made from Jubilee's blanket, it will bring her some comfort.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

If Disney Princes Were Real

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You might have seen this video as it is growing in popularity. It made me laugh so I thought I would share.  :)
I love the part with the Beast!

Friday, September 12, 2014

$200 Gift Certificate Giveaway from Huggable Friends

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I am pleased to announce that Huggable Friends is 
having it's biggest giveaway yet!

There will be four winners in total-
1st Place: $100 Gift Certificate
2nd place: $50 Gift Certificate
3rd Place: $25 Gift Certificate
4th Place: $25 Gift Certificate

This giveaway is open Worldwide!
The giveaway will run until the end of October, with the winners notified on Novemeber 1st.

This is the perfect opportunity to get some personalized gifts for Christmas!

Winner's will have the option to put their credit towards a purchase, 
or to receive a gift certificate for a future use/gift.
NOTE: If you make a purchase between now and October 31st and win this giveaway, 
you will have the above option plus the option to be refunded in the amount of your prize.

Thanks for participating and GOOD LUCK!

All entries will be verified- Please use Rafflecopter to complete your entries, so they are documented! You will find the links for each entry when you click "Do it". Please enter the additional information for verification if needed. If you are selected and the information needed is not there, or can not be verified - YOU WILL NOT WIN, another person will be selected! It is not necessary to leave your email in the comments, Rafflecopter will keep track and give me the winners email for notification.
Winner will have 48 hours to respond. Thanks for participating!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Kitty Groomed

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Our cat Milo is a very sweet and mellow cat who loves to bathe anyone given the opportunity. 
He will come up and lick your feet, sit beside you and lick your arm, and try to lick your hand 
as you pet him. He even licks our companies hair! Devin often likes to stick out his 
hand for 'kisses', and once Milo starts licking will sometimes lay down his head to get licked. It's 
cute to watch, though sometimes I start to wonder if Milo is getting a little OCD with licking...  :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Huggable Elephant Pattern now Available!

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A few of you have asked me about this pattern, I am happy to announce that I finally have it up and available!
You can find this pattern and a handful of my other original designs at my pattern shop-

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Recent Study

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