Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mommy's Kitchen Helper

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Little Steven has come such a long way in the last year, especially when it comes to his speech and food (Autism Spectrum). He recently has enjoyed becoming Mommy's helper in the kitchen, especially when it comes time to making cookies! I sent these photos to the Hubby and he was so happy and proud to see how well Steven is doing. Sometimes it's the little accomplishments that mean the most.  :)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies Review + Giveaway

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Growing up I was a huge fan of Nancy Drew and collected her books- old and new!
I was excited to have the chance to play and review the Nancy Drew game, Labyrinth of Lies.
Read ahead to learn more about this game, see how I liked it, and also enter to win a copy of your own!
This giveaway is open Worldwide!

About Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies:

Thread Your Way Through a Maze of Deceit in this Epic Greek Drama!
A museum curator hires you to assist with the most anticipated event of the year, but artifacts from the exhibit are mysteriously disappearing. Are these mishaps connected to the amphitheater’s upcoming performance? Or is an unseen villain pulling strings behind the scenes? Uncover the truth and recover the missing artifacts from the Labyrinth of Lies!


- Organize Greek Displays and Exhibits! Fill in for the museum curator and assemble 

exhibits before the grand opening

- Use Stagecraft Expertise to Survive Backstage! Sneak behind the curtains to 
explore the treacherous underworld stage sets
- Experience the World of Ancient Greece! Solve challenging puzzles based on 
actual Greek myths and artwork
- The Hardy Boys are On the Line! Use your in-game mobile phone to hear 
potentially lifesaving tips from Frank and Joe
- Select Difficulty Levels! Play at Amateur or Master Sleuth level and 
erase any mistakes without starting over

My Review:
Like I mentioned at the start of this post, I grew up reading and collecting Nancy Drew books- old and new. I loved her mysteries, and spent my nights curled in bed reading and following along her adventures. I haven't however had the pleasure of playing Nancy Drew games by Her Interactive before this.
Installing the game was simple, no fuss. At the start of the game you have the option of playing as an Amateur or Master Sleuth. I won't lie- I chose amateur.  :)  I'm glad I did too, cause there were some parts that had me stumped! I needed the hints. These parts weren't even too far in the game either, it has you thinking and solving puzzles from the very start, which I loved.
As you play, you interact with the characters learning their back story as the truth is uncovered. The graphics are stunning, as well as beautiful music in the background. There are a lot of fun details in this game, from interesting historical facts to using Nancy Drew's cell phone. She has some cute games on her phone that you can play, I thought that was pretty neat, a fun little break when you get stumped.
This game was very enjoyable for me. Simple tap games are fun to play on the cell phone, though I enjoy more challenging interactive games. Labyrinth of Lies is definitely a challenging and interactive game. There are many puzzles you have to solve along the way, as well as collect items to store in your inventory to use to progress in the game further along. The game is rated E for everyone, and recommends the age of 10 and older. I do agree with this rating, though it might take someone that young much longer to figure out some of the puzzles and perhaps frustrate them. There was one puzzle in particular- an actual puzzle in a series that was difficult for me to solve. It was an mosaic piece of artwork broken in squares you had to put together. When I first saw it I just stared thinking, "What the heck is this???" After about 5 minutes of trying to see what I could find in similar colors to match, "Ooohhh, okay so this is some sort of boat." I love a good challenge, and Labyrinth of Lies delivers.

Nancy Drew's Labyrinth of Lies game is a fun and challenging interactive game. There is lots to discover and solve along way while interact with the intriguing characters. The story line ends with a nice twist, just like the books do. This game would make a wonderful gift not only for Nancy Drew fans like me, but also anyone who loves a good challenging game and solving puzzles. This game is available to purchase online digitally as well as a hard copy for only $19.99. On Her Interactive's website, they also offer a way to get 20% off, so be sure to check that out!

Want to win a copy of your own? 
Her Interactive will be giving a copy away to one lucky reader! 
Use the rafflecopter form below for your chance!
This giveaway is open Worldwide!

All entries will be verified- Please use Rafflecopter to complete your entries, so they are documented! You will find the links for each entry when you click "Do it". Please enter the additional information for verification if needed. If you are selected and the information needed is not there, or can not be verified - YOU WILL NOT WIN, another person will be selected! It is not necessary to leave your email in the comments, Rafflecopter will keep track and give me the winners email for notification.
Winner will have 48 hours to respond. Thanks for participating!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Trick or Treat

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

FlavFusion Infuser Water Bottle Review

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I had the opportunity to review FlavFusion's Infuser Water Bottle. Prior to trying out this bottle 
I had heard of Infuser bottles, but hadn't actually tried them yet. It's such a wonderful concept, 
and makes drinking water more fun!
Read ahead to learn more about FlavFusion's  Infuser Water Bottle,
find a coupon code and see how it worked for me!

About FlavFusion 26 Oz Infuser Water Bottle:

  • Drink More Water and be Healthier with the 26 oz FlavFusion (TM) Infuser Bottle by Big Easy Brands. It's BPA & Lead Free and made of PET Plastic - the Safest Plastic in Drinkware. No longer worry about Toxins and Chemicals Seaping into your Drink. Plus, it's Made in the U.S.A.!
  • This bottle makes Delicious, Healthy, Crisp, Cool and Refreshing Fruit Flavored Beverages and is perfect for use at the office, the gym, the lake or anywhere you want to take a cold beverage. Save Money since there will be No need to buy Flavored Water from the Grocery Store. Plus, avoid those beverages that contain Artificial Sweeteners and can result in Weight Gain.
  • Just Flip and Sip! It Features a Flip Top Sipper Lid for Easy Drinking on the go and a Large Opening for Easy Filling and Cleaning. The loop at the top provides a great way to carry it. You can hook it to your backpack when taking a hike. If your hands are full you can grab it with a finger and carry it with ease.
  • The bottle is Light Weight and Easy to Use, can Go Anywhere and it Fits most Cup Holders so No More Messes and Spills!
  • Just Fill With Water and add Your Favorite Fruit whether it be Strawberries, Raspberries, Pineapple, Lemons, Limes, etc. Cucumbers are also great. Close the Lid, Shake and ENJOY! Leave it in the refrigerator overnight for an Intensified Infusion!

My Review:

As I get older, I try harder to make wiser choices with what I eat and drink. I have given up soda, for the most part.  :)  I do drink Pepsi when I have a headache, the caffeine helps. I mainly drink water, crystal light, and ice tea. I'm not a big fan of plain water, so I was happy to give the Infuser Water Bottle a try. What better way to flavor your water than naturally with fresh fruit?

My favorite fruit by far, has to be strawberries (Orange comes in at close second). I decided to start out by trying strawberries. I wanted to give it a nice kick of flavor so I cut my strawberries up in small bits to let the most juice out. The separate little 'basket' container that holds the fruit unscrews from the bottle top. I added some extra pieces to the top for the photo, but it is important to not fill it too much. You don't want your fruit basket to be too full and clog the top that allows flow to the flip top sipper lid. Once fruit is added, screw the fruit container to the lid. Add cold water to the bottle, screw on the lid, shake and enjoy! I added some ice cubes to mine since an average day is mid eighties here outside.

When taking the first few drinks, I didn't taste the strawberries too much. After some shaking and letting it sit the flavor became more noticeable and delicious! My second time around I added just a bit of lemon with the strawberries to give it a citrus kick. This for me was ten times better- I recommend trying this!  :)  Next time I make a trip to the grocery store I am going to pick up some raspberries to try with the lemon- thinking raspberry lemonade flavor. 

The bottle is a 26 oz size, which will last a while for me. It fits in the car's cup holder easily, as well as the side of the backpack when hiking. The loop on the top also makes it easy to take along with a clip.


This was a fun and exciting product review for me. I enjoyed experimenting with the different fruit flavors and combos. Using the Infuser Water Bottle is a great way to drink your water in a healthy and natural way. Right now it is on sale at Amazon for only $10.77, which is a great deal. This would make a wonderful gift for anyone who likes to stay healthy, exercise, or even an expecting Mother! We are always told to push our fluid intake, this will make it more fun!

FlavFusion has generously offered a coupon code for my readers! 
Get $2.00 OFF by using the code 9WMNBVTM

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

I Think I Need This Pillow...

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I was walking through the store the other day looking for pillowcases for munchkin 
when I spotted this pillow. I think it belongs in my house....  :)

Friday, October 24, 2014

Brain Fitness Shell Game Review

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I had a great time recently reviewing another fun game from ThinkFun: Brain Fitness Shell Game.
I've reviewed another brain fitness game from them in the past and was happy to have an opportunity to review another. I love games that really challenge you, and this one did just that!
Read ahead to learn more about this Brain Fitness game and see how much I enjoyed it.

About ThinkFun's Brain Fitness Shell Game:

Classic Memory Game with a Clever Twist!
The goal is not to deceive, but rather to improve your memory and logic skills so that you can win. Getting a correct solution may seem like luck, but you’ll smile knowing that it’s a good dose of brain power!

Ages:  8 to adult
Players:  single player

60 Spiral-bound Challenges
6 Sea Shells
6 Hermit Crabs
3 Ocean Stones
Instructions & Solutions

My Review:

I had a wonderful Father growing up who was involved with us kids. When he wasn't working he spent time with us. He and I would go on hikes and catch snakes (something my Husband isn't too fond of now) or sit and play games. We would play card games, and a lot of strategy games such as chess and risk. Even when we were younger, he didn't take it easy on us and "give" us wins. He challenged us to think, and keep trying. As a kid, it got frustrating at times- no one likes to lose all the time. Soon though, I learned to focus more, plan my moves ahead of time, and improved. Through all of this a passion grew, and I still love to challenge myself today.
The Shell Game does just that. With four levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert) you are bound to have enough challenges to keep you busy. I posted some photos above to help show how this game works. The top left shows the starting position. You place the color crabs in the center, matching what the starting line on top shows. Where there are no color spaces, you place a stone piece. The photo right below that one shows the next step. Simply place a shell over each space in the center.
Now comes the hard part. While remembering which color crab is under which shell, swap the shells (two at a time). You can only swap shells that have a connecting arch. Keep swapping until you believe you have the colored crabs in the end position that the bottom of the card shows. Once you think you have it correct, life the shells and see! This is a beginners challenge, so nothing too hard to start and get the hang of it. The last photo on the bottom right shows an advanced challenge. You can imagine how much harder they are when you have multiple colored crabs in play. More positions to remember, and when you are constantly swapping positions with your pieces- this can get tricky!


If you're like me and love games that challenge and intrigue you, then this is the game for you. Have a 'thinker' in the family? This game would be a great gift for the upcoming holiday season! You can purchase this game online at either ThinkFun's website, or on Amazon for $19.99. I thoroughly enjoyed playing it, and still do- though I might appear a little crazy because I constantly talk to myself out loud as I tackle the harder levels trying to remember what I placed where!  :)

You can find this challenging and enjoyable game on Amazon by clicking here!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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