Monday, July 21, 2014

How Come?

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Patchwork Embroidery Sari Sling Bag Review from Indian Journals

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I have been given the wonderful opportunity to do anther review for Indian Journals, 
this time for her lovely Sling Bag. You can read my past review for her fabulous journals HERE.

About Indian Journals:
Indian Journals offers beautiful OOAK Handmade Paper Journals created using Up-Cycled Embroidered Patchwork Fabrics, Embellished Sari's and Traditional Indian Folk Art Prints.
We use Up-Cycled Embroidered Patchwork Fabrics, Brocade remnants, Embellished Sari's and Traditional Indian Folk Art Prints to create distinct and instantly appealing journals. The conventional bound book stitching techniques along with a wrapping twine to match the look and feel of older era journals used in India speak of Unique Sturdy Craftsmanship.
Apart from the hot selling journals, I am also excited to introduce my new patchwork fabric totes and sling bags! They are special because they are made using the same embroidered patchwork sari fabric but still look unique and different ! Check them out to find out what makes these so special. 
Unique style with Patch Machine embroidery on the front panel, which enhances the look of the bag. The bag has a magnetic button closure. The lining has a zipper pocket . This is a style can be used as a daily purpose bag. This can be carried with the western as well as Indian attire.

My Review:
If you're a mom of a young one, you can understand me when I say I don't get to use a cute bag all that often. Heading out usually means throwing and cramming everything the children could possibly need in the next 'however many hours' into the diaper bag. Now as my youngest is getting older, and his brother is finally potty trained (*trumpets blow and confetti thrown*) it means Mommy's load is getting lighter and nice little bags are coming back into view.  Yay! Because of this I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to get my hands on this beautifully crafted sling bag.

I love the fact that each tote is unique and OOAK, made from recycled fabrics. The attention to detail and the quality of work is superb. On one side is the embroidered patch work. As you can see this has a mixture of decorative stitching and sequins- very pretty. The other is a very soft pink fabric to match, which is also used for the lining inside. There is a zippered pocket inside, the perfect size for my phone and keys so I don't have to go digging inside to find it. (My pink cover for the phone matches perfectly -see?!) This bag also has a magnetic button closure at the top. Not a weak one either, very strong! The strap is a sling bag style. Very comfortable on the shoulder. You can also just wear it over one shoulder just fine instead of wearing it across sling style.

I have a new favorite bag-
*It's pink, purple and feminine. 
*It's handcrafted from recycled fabric. 
*It's comfortable. 
*It can fit everything I need inside. 
What's not to love???

Want to grab one of your own?
Visit Indian Journals and check out all of her OOAK upcycled items! Her prices are incredible and the shipping is fast. It only took 8 days for my items from her to arrive!
Click her image below to visit her shop:

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Giveaway! - Victoria Semykina

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It's time for another giveaway!
This giveaway is from Victoria Semykina,
who is giving away a Paper Doll Cactus!
Read ahead to learn more about this talented artist
and see how to enter for your chance to win!
This giveaway is open Worldwide!

"Hello there! My name is Victoria Semykina and I’m a Russian illustrator living in Bologna.
I have a passion for traveling, observing people and making sketches in order to capture simple, true and beautiful moments of life. Almost every day I ride my red bicycle with a basket that serves well for collecting materials for my collages, art work and paper experiments."

When did you first get into crafting?
I think I started drawing when I was 3-4 years old. I remember that I was crazy about the idea of painting on the walls in our house, but it was totally prohibited by my parents. One night I hid my pencils under my pillow and when my family went to sleep I covered one wall with abstract pictures without even turning the light on. Mom was very upset, but the next day I was enrolled in an art school. That's how my art career started.

Can you remember the first 
item you listed in your shop?
It was the one of my favorite illustrations with 
the ships and a harbor. Fortunately It’ has been 
sold very quickly, and my ships sailed to Finland to one 
very nice Finnish girl.

Do you have a favorite 
piece/item to create?
I really love printmaking techniques such as 
xylography and etching because each peace is 
absolutely unique as I make them by hand and 
the result is always unpredictable and surprising.

Do any of your items have a story behind them?
Of course! Most of them have a story. For example, in order to make a silkscreen print with a swimming sailor (“Somewhere beyond the sea she's there watching for me”) I spent a lot of time at the Black Sea beaches making tons of photos and sketches of the tattooed men. That made my boyfriend really crazy! I was on the contrary very satisfied with this research, lol

What advice would you give to someone trying to 
turn their craft into a business?
Listen to your heart and don’t be afraid to fail.
Start today - you can learn and improve only if you make mistakes, work patiently every day, relentlessly study your craft and enjoy what you do. And don’t take yourself too seriously - it helps to accept critiques and deal with your first setbacks. But the most important thing is just to have fun with what you do!

Do you have any social media pages?




Any other info you would like to share?
I have Xmas in July 15% sale for all prints in my shop (10.07 - 25.07)!

Fun Questions to Get to Know You:

What would you chose as your last meal?
Large lobster and a glass of beer would be great.

If you had to paint your entire house inside and out one color, which would you choose, and why?
I‘d love to paint an imitation of wallpapers in vintage style and calm pastel colors, especially outside. I think that the outside view of my house would be very funny and homey.

If you could get a package right now, who would it be from and what would be in it?
As I live very far from my country land I’d be happy to get a jar of gooseberry jam by my grandmom that I adore.

What animal scares you the most?
Any insect larger than an inch scares me to death. I know that it’s even more ridiculous than being afraid of mice (who don’t scare me fortunately), but I just can’t help it. Probably I have to reread “The Metamorphosis” of Kafka to cope with this phobia.

What helps you clear your mind?
There is a nice Russian saying: there are three things you can watch forever: fire, water and other people working. So, I love to watch all that too, but the last one relaxes me and clears my mind pretty good.

Paper Doll Cactus for home d├ęcor
This blooming paper cactus never needs watering nor sunshine, never dies and is always in great condition.
It’s fun and safe for toddlers and pets. 
Great for nursery or home decoration, it could be also a cute gift for a cactus collector friend. 
Lovely to look at and have lots of fun too (body parts are movable).
This paper cactus is designed by me and painted by hand, you will not find this unique doll anywhere else. 
 It’s about 16 inches tall and 8,5 inches in wide (400X215mm)

This prize has a $60 Value, and is open Worldwide 

All entries will be verified- Please use Rafflecopter to complete your entries, so they are documented! You will find the links for each entry when you click "Do it". Please enter the additional information for verification if needed. If you are selected and the information needed is not there, or can not be verified - YOU WILL NOT WIN, another person will be selected! It is not necessary to leave your email in the comments, Rafflecopter will keep track and give me the winners email for notification.
Winner will have 48 hours to respond. Thanks for participating!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Have you ever had a cookie SO good, you laughed?

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mia Mariu's Create Your Perfect Canvas Review + Giveaway

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I was recently given the opportunity to review Mia Mariu's Mineral makeup.
Not only that, but I also get to offer one of my readers a chance to win some of their own!
This giveaway is open to the US & Canada only

About Mia Mariu: 
Our minerals offer you lightweight, long-lasting, non-pore blocking, breathable foundations that match your natural skin tone and create a healthy appearance.  All formulas provide superb buildable coverage and sun protection along with being gentle for sensitive skin.

The Perfecting Finish Mineral Primer creates a smooth facial canvas allowing the foundation to glide on seamlessly, leaving a fresh natural look that lasts all day.  Our Mineral Primer is power packed with antioxidants and vitamins to give your skin a healthy glow.  Your skin will love you for it!  Oil free.

Perfecting Finish Mineral Cream Concealer is an oil-free, vitamin packed, high intensity formula that effectively covers imperfections like dark spots, discoloration and blemishes for a perfect and even tone.  The Mineral Cream Concealer is perfectly balanced to match your skin tone without leaving ash tones or a chalky look.

Our Perfecting Finish Mineral Foundations come in three formulas:  Liquid, Cream and Loose Powder.  They deliver oil-free, luminous all day coverage while providing the benefits of natural minerals and vitamins.  Each Mineral Foundation reduces the appearance of pores to obtain a perfectly matched radiant tone.  Enjoy a flawless all day refined finish!

My Review:
Prior to trying Mia Mariu's makeup, I used Bare Minerals makeup for my primer, concealer, and powder foundation. I have a collection of my favorite eye shadows, blush, and mascara to finish. I'm personally not a fan of lipstick. (I was born with a cleft lip/palate so have always avoided drawing attention to my lip.)
With living in Hawaii, I try to stay away from liquid foundation and just use mineral powder foundation and concealer in the needed spots.

Step 1: Primer
Above you will see my untouched, still in my PJs pictures.  :)  I started out with the Perfecting Finish Mineral Foundation Primer. This primer has such a perfect soft and clean scent, I really like it. Another thing that I really liked was that it felt dry on my face shortly after rubbing it on (along with a soft touch). With the Bare Minerals Primer that I use to use, it still felt a little wet and I would wait a few minutes for it to dry before proceeding to the concealer. Not with this one! When you are a busy Mom with two young children, every minute you save is priceless!

Step 2: Concealer
I have to admit, when I first opened the concealer and tried to use the makeup brush I was worried when I realized how thick it was. I was use to the soft concealer I had previously been using. Once I patted my finger on it and started to dab it on my face, I was very happy to see how well it covered. After having a couple of kids, my face became blotchy with spots from the wonderful hormones. Mainly around my eyes and upper cheekbones. One wonderful thing about this concealer is it is VERY long lasting. Even in the humidity and sweat later in the day- I didn't melt!!!

Step 3: Powder
Just a little bit of this powder goes such a long way. It has a velvet soft touch to it, which is wonderful. It doesn't look like it in the bright light of the bathroom, but I have a nice tan from this wonderful Hawaiian sun. I used the Sahara shade of powder, which blended right in to my neck and chest and the rest of my body. I finished off with my favorite eye shadow, mascara, and blush. I like to use earthy tones for everyday makeup- nothing flashy.

This stuff is wonderful! Very breathable, and easy to wash off. The coverage was seamless. I was so happy I went with the shade I did, it blended in with my tan perfectly. This makeup held up to the Hawaiian humidity, and all the sweat it brings - no melting!  :)  This is my new favorite concealer, try it!

Want to try some yourself???
One winner will receive their own mineral makeup from Mia Mariu!
This Giveaway is open to the US and Canada

(Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter)

All entries will be verified- Please use Rafflecopter to complete your entries, so they are documented! You will find the links for each entry when you click "Do it". Please enter the additional information for verification if needed. If you are selected and the information needed is not there, or can not be verified - YOU WILL NOT WIN, another person will be selected! It is not necessary to leave your email in the comments, Rafflecopter will keep track and give me the winners email for notification.
Winner will have 48 hours to respond. Thanks for participating!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Where's Hobbes? Win a $20 Gift Certificate for Huggable Friends

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It's time for a new round of "Where's Hobbes?"

Back story:
After serving 20 years in the military, my father retired and tried a handful of different jobs. He settled on being a truck driver, probably because he was always use to being on the move. :)  During a phone conversation we had, he asked about taking one of my stuffed animals on the road to photograph places, and alas... Highway Hobbes was created!

Where's Hobbes?
Hobbes stopped to get a photo with the largest working operational thermometer.

Ready to guess? (Google can be your friend here...)
Use the rafflecopter form below to type in your guess. PLEASE do not enter by typing your guess in the comments- It WILL NOT count.

To select a winner, rafflecopter will pick a random entry. If the answer is correct, they win! If not another entry will be randomly selected until a correct answer is selected.

This giveaway is open Worldwide!
Ends 07/31

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