Monday, September 29, 2014

A Beautiful Drive

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Before we moved to Hawaii, we lived in San Diego, California. I use to hate having to drive on the highway, especially certain times of the day. There was horrible traffic with nothing nice to look at. I feel so lucky to live in Hawaii, and not only that but on the edge of the island! The highway ends at the base, so we don't have that much traffic at all. It's such a beautiful drive with gorgeous mountains and views of the water. One of the things I love about the islands is there are no billboards and advertisements, so nothing to block the beautiful views!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Book Review: Almost Perfect By Orly Krauss-Winer

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About the book:
What would you do if your best friend and colleague was suspected of murder?
The world of Nili Abadi, partner in a successful law firm, is turned upside down when the body of another partner is found in a burned-out car that belongs to her best friend. The fact that her friend is also a colleague and an ex-lover of the deceased, leads the police to arrest her as the main suspect in the murder.
Nili, convinced that her friend is innocent, sets out to help expose the truth. Although the promotion of the police officer in charge of the investigation is on the line and he needs her help to solve the case, he isn't very enthusiastic about her involvement. However, when she exposes dark secrets from the dead man's past that shed new light and complicate the investigation, he is forced to cooperate with her, primarily because he is afraid that her involvement in the case has put her life is in danger.
The twists and turns of the investigation also reveal a mysterious embezzlement case and anepic love story that weaves through three wars. The truth, when it finally comes to light, reveals that every piece of information and visible evidence hides a harsh and more complex reality.
* Real World Stories
The writer sets her stories in the real world, where the smells, tastes and feelings are known and accessible to the reader. These make the book enjoyable, thrilling, and allow the reader to connect with the characters.
*Mystery, Romance, Politics and Intrigue
If you fancy a mystery which combines romance, politics and intrigue, you have found it in this book.

About the Author:
I was born in 1959, in Israel, the eldest child of parents who immigrated from different parts of the world. My father came from Hungary after World War II, and my mother from Uzbekistan, after a long, ten-year journey with her family through the desert, by way of Afghanistan, India, and Sri-Lanka. My sixth book was about my father's family history, their brave and special story of survival through the Holocaust, and I dedicated my eleventh book to the story of the hardships endured by my mother's family in the desert.
My love of books goes back to when I was a child; my parents taught me to read at the age of four, and I've been a voracious reader ever since. I used to read under my desk at school, and I was kicked out so many times that, in high school, I went straight to the beach in Tel-Aviv with my books, not bothering to stop off at school. Nonetheless, I successfully earned a high school diploma, served in the army, and studied at Tel-Aviv University, for both an undergraduate and a graduate degree.
I worked as a flight attendant for El-Al airlines for seven years, then became a freelance writer for several newspapers. Three years later, based on my experiences and happy memories of those years in the air and the unique lifestyle of the flight crews, l wrote a romantic thriller about three flight attendants. The novel was an overnight success, and topped the bestseller list for weeks.
I've since published twelve books, all best sellers in Israel, many based on my personal stories, and those of my family and friends. I currently live in Tel-Aviv with my 21-year-old daughter, Gal, and my partner, Gili.
I write a book a year. My novels are romantic thrillers and historical romances, for the most part based on true stories. Naturally, those written about my family and my life are dear to my heart. On the other hand, I enjoy writing the romantic thrillers more, so it's hard to say which of my novels I like best. One thing is certain - I thank God every day for granting me the privilege of working at something I love so much.

My Review:
I enjoy reading books during my free time, which tends to be at the end of the night. Having a light and easy read like 'Almost Perfect' was a good fit. The writer has a great ability to tell multiple stories at the same time telling how the murder affected each character and pulling those stories together perfectly, while giving you a few surprise twists and turns. The cover is beautiful and fits the book perfectly, pulling you in with intrigue.
To be honest, I did have a slight difficulty with some parts of the book, since it is set/written in Israel. There are some parts that are hard to relate to or understand since I am in the United States. Being translated, there are also some grammar errors. These are easily overlooked for the wonderful story it is.
If you enjoy a great mystery, I would recommend this book. I can't get in too much detail reviewing this book without giving away the story and surprises. For only $3.99 you can read this book yourself  with the Kindle edition. Give it a shot, you'll enjoy it!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Friday, September 26, 2014

All in Your Head

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ageless Derma Natural Camoufleur Concealer Review

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I had the opportunity to review the Camofleur Concealer from Ageless Derma.
I was very interested to try it seeing that it is made with natural ingredients that are good for your skin.

About Ageless Derma Natural Camoufleur Concealer:

Ageless Derma line of mineral makeup includes the dynamic Camoufleur Concealer that is ideal for covering up imperfections of the skin such as scars or brown spots or port wine stains that distract from the skin’s beauty. This versatile mineral make up concealer provides a natural look that is long lasting and will also cover those dark circles beneath the eyes, so it is an anti aging makeup that will conceal those visible signs of aging.
Ageless Derma Natural Camoufleur Concealer is made with Vitamin A, E and apple Extracts.
PARABEN FREE- 100 % Pure Minerals- Great For Sensitive Skin- Broad Spectrum Sun Protection. Never tested on Animals.  Potent Antioxidants to prevent wrinkles. Made in USA.

Ageless Derma Mineral Makeup was featured at Emmy Award show in LA, See images of  Celebrity  from General Hospital,  The Young and the Restless and The bold and Beautiful  with Ageless Derma products at our facebook page

 Ingredients: Apple Extract, Horseradish, Phospholipids, Retinyl Palmitate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Butylene Glycol

Ageless Derma's Social Media Pages:

My Review:

To review the Ageless Derma Concealer I went to their website to pick a shade. When I first noticed that their website only had 5 shades available, I wondered how well it would match my skin tone. I chose the 'medium' shade to try, it seemed the closest to my tanned skin. After the concealer arrived, I wanted to test it out in different environments. Living in the tropical climate of Hawaii, it's hard to find coverage that can last when you spend a large portion of your day outside. It tends to 'melt' off with your sweat.
This concealer is very soft and creamy to the touch. I was amazed at how well it blended, and left the skin soft- almost like I used lotion. As you can see from the photo above, the makeup blends evenly and matches my skin tone perfectly. The concealer is lightweight and the coverage flawless. The concealer covered my dark spots on my face from my pregnancies, along with the redness from occasional acne. I was very impressed by how well it covered and blended in, giving me the look of flawless skin. My makeup routine typically is concealer with mineral powder to top off. I try to keep it light because of the climate. This concealer did last a full day and held up it's coverage the days I spent mainly indoors. However to be honest, it didn't hold up when I spent a good part of the day outside. With the humidity and sweat, some of the coverage washed away, but not completely.

If I was to rate this makeup on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a 9, only because it couldn't hold up to the Hawaiian climate like a couple other concealers I use. I do use it for the days that I know I won't be outside much though, I love how soft my skin feels after applying it and how well it works. I would recommend it to anyone interested in healthy mineral makeup that is good for your skin. You can take a look at Ageless Derma Natural Camoufleur Concealer and their other products by clicking on the images or the link above!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Three Favorite Shops for my Business

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I wanted to share a few of my favorite supply shops that have really helped my own shop come together and appear professional. Here is a glimpse of my items that I use in my packaging. I have it next to the printer on one of my work tables. Inside in front are my 'Thank You' cards with a business card, sealed in a bag. (You can see the extra bags on the right side.) Behind those are two sets of postcards. The ones on the left have coupon codes.
The postcards on the right side are washing instructions for my stuffed animals. Along the left side of the basket are small circular labels with my shop logo that I put on the shipping labels for my packages. In the very back of the basket behind everything I also have gift certificates with envelopes.
I've receive compliments on my 'presentation'. Even my older brother who wanted a Hobbes was very impressed when it arrived at how well I put everything together. Since then he has started a online shop of his own, and has been using some tips from his little sister.  :)   I thought I would share some of my favorite supply shops/sites with you.

I found Mad4Plaid Cards on Etsy while looking for small cards to include with my orders. I had tried a few other shops before I found this one and wasn't too impressed. After my first order from Mad4Plaid Cards, I was hooked. They are beautifully made with the option of a matching envelope seal that gives it the perfect touch. With so many styles and color options it is hard to choose which ones to order sometimes! They also have cards for each season and holiday. Customer service is excellent, and shipping in prompt. Mad4Plaid Cards offers a different monthly special each month that you can find in the shop announcements. I'm a loyal customer now and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for beautiful mini cards.  :)

Just like with the cards, I also tried a handful of shops on Etsy for cello bags to store and ship my animals in. Not too many offer the larger sizes needed, which are also resealable. LittlePaperThings offers a large variety of sizes from the larger bags needed for my stuffed animals, to the smaller size I used for my mini and business cards. The prices are great, and shipping is prompt and fast. I've been ordering my bags from them for 3 years now, ever since I discovered the shop. It's one I would definitely recommend if you use cello bags. LittlePaperThings offers coupon codes in their shop announcement, so if you are thinking of ordering, be sure to check it out!

Vistaprint is a website that I am sure you have heard of or seen advertised on TV. I love them. I use them for my business cards, care instruction cards, coupon cards, gift certificates, and labels. I have also created a banner for craft fairs with them. Vistaprint is simple to use and offers a huge selections of designs if you don't have one to upload yourself. With some of their designs you can also change the color scheme to better fit your needs. With my care/wash instructions postcard I changed it to the green color scheme to better match my logo which I uploaded. In the few years I have used them, I have only had one problem with a set of business cards I ordered. They were very quick to correct the problem and also give me a credit for their website. Delivery with Vistaprint can take a while. You have the options to upgrade your shipping for a quicker arrival should you need it at an earlier date. Vistaprint always has specials, and will send coupon codes with your shipments for future orders. I'm also a loyal customer with them and would recommend them to anyone looking to promote their business.

There you have it! My three favorite shops/company. Take a look at them all! You can click on their shop banner and images to view their website.  :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

StickerYou Review

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I was given the opportunity to do a review for StickerYou for their temporary tattoos.
I thought it would be fun to pass the opportunity to my boys, and let them enjoy this one!

About StickerYou:
Now you can create your own custom temporary tattoos! It's easy and fast using StickerYou's online design tools. Upload your own designs or choose from our gallery of artwork. Our temporary tattoos are 100% non-toxic and 100% awesome, perfect for a variety of occasions including birthdays, bacherlorette parties, sporting events, costumes and more! They are waterproof, but removable with baby oil.
Create your own custom temporary tattoos today!

StickerYou's Social Media Pages:

My Review:
StickerYou is a great website to create more then just temporary tattoos.
They also create custom stickers, iron on transfers, wall decals, and even magnets! You can upload your own images and designs for these products, or choose from images they have on file.
For our temporary tattoos, I let my munchkins point out which pictures they wanted from the designs StickerYou offered. Steven of course pointed out his favorite superheros! He was excited to see a rocket and 'pirate face' (scull and crossbones). Mommy added the anchor with Daddy being in the Navy and all. :)  One neat feature with StickerYou is that you are able to re-size the images, and lay them out how you want. I re-sized these smaller, to the size I thought would fit on small hands and arms. With the stars I was able to change the color, creating a navy blue and red one as well for Steven, You also have the ability to add text, which I passed up since this was just for the little guys to enjoy.
Once they arrived in the mail, Steven was very excited to pick which one he was going to wear first. Which did he choose? Why, Batman of course! The temporary tattoo transferred to the skin easily with a wet paper towel. It lasted about a day, but little man kept picking at it wanting to change to superman.  ;)  The tattoos caused no skin irritation for the little ones, and have become a fun reward/treat that they are excited to have.

StickerYou is a fun website to design your own custom and personalized labels, stickers, and temporary tattoos. Their website is easy to use and understand. Delivery was prompt, and packaged well so the tattoos didn't arrive bent.
I could definitely see purchasing these for kid parties to customize with the birthday theme. Kids love temporary tattoos. StickerYou also offers custom products for your business! You can download and take a look at their 2014 product catalog. Some great ideas!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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