Sunday, August 31, 2014

Another Personalized Hobbes

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I recently made another personalized large Hobbes plush. I think these turn out especially adorable with the name added. I like using white thread and placing in on the bottom back stripe between the leg and tail, that way the name is subtle and doesn't take away from the overall "look".
I hope Hobbes' new owner is happy with their new friend!  :)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Chloe Grace Fingerless Gloves Review

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I recently received a lovely pair of Charcoal Fingerless gloves from Chloe Grace.
Read ahead to learn more about this talented crafter and her wonderful work!

About Chloe Grace:
"I began crocheting about five years ago when my mom taught me. I never grew tired of it and got better and better. Once my instincts kicked in, I began selling my work at school and work! When I found out about Etsy, I knew I needed to sell my accessories on here, so I have recently been adding and designing products. 
As a crochet artist, I use my accessories as a way to express my style and personality. I love creating new things and seeing people's reactions when I give them their scarves and purses! When I see my peers walking around school in the scarves that I made for them, it makes me feel like I've done something important and worth while. It's a great feeling!"

My Review:
I was contacted by Chloe Grace about possibly reviewing one of her items. Chloe Grace creates a wide variety of custom crocheted accessories, and also offers patterns for her own creations to purchase.
Living somewhere tropical and humid like Hawaii, I knew I wouldn't have much use for one of her beautiful scarves. I threw out the idea of something I have seen around, fingerless gloves. It might be insanely hot outside, but indoors can get quite cold with the AC, especially when Hubby is home! (He likes it freezing.) I often find myself in bed under the covers trying to type on my laptop with my arms feeling chilly. What better time to wear some fingerless gloves, right?  :)
When I brought up the idea to Chloe, she was a sweetheart and was up for the challenge. Soon I had a package in the mail, and was wearing my very own pair! The gloves I received are well crafted, 18"long and covered my hand all the way to my elbow. They were made using a nice charcoal color of yarn by my request. Chloe has other color options available, and will be happy to get other colors by request! Each glove has a little detail added with two buttons at the elbow end. I think they are a nice simple little touch. The gloves fit a little snug, but a nice comfortable snug. No twisting or sliding around as I move and work. The yarn is soft to the touch, and has a really nice cozy feel. These are definitely the perfect accessory for me inside the house.  :)

Chloe Grace is a wonderful shop. She pays attention to detail, and has excellent customer service. I think her items would make excellent gifts (even for yourself) for this upcoming autumn and winter season, or anytime if you are a sissy like me with the AC turned on! I have definitely been more cozy and comfortable working in bed at night wearing my fingerless gloves.  :)
Stop by Chloe Grace and take a look around!

Friday, August 29, 2014

I Love This Commercial...

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This has become one of my new favorite car commercials, 
I can't help but smile every time I see him stuck in traffic in the rain.  :)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Giveaway! - Eco Fabric Store

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It's time for another giveaway!
This giveaway is from Eco Fabric Store,
who is giving away One Yard of Organic Cotton Fabric!
Earlier this week I posted a review for fabric I received
from Eco Fabric Store, you can read it here.
Read ahead to learn more about this wonderful shop
and see how to enter for your chance to win!
This giveaway is open Worldwide!

"India is a country where being natural is not such a difficult thing. It is still the most basic lifestyle in our rural villages. People have better immunity, health and are in peace with themselves. India is a land where diversities really teach you if you are open to absorbing and learning. Extending natural living practices to fabrics being an integral part of our everyday lives was an idea I held very close to my heart - right from the days I graduated in Fashion Design. By God's grace, I met the right people who shared the same mission as I do and together the whole idea of natural plant extract dyeing and colors were formed. Eco Fabric Store is an honest attempt to fulfill that vision. All my fabrics are Eco Friendly and Earth friendly. The yarns are natural and are hundred percent biodegradable. We also offer a variety of fabrics made from Eco and Earth friendly fibers such as Organic Cotton, Bamboo, Hemp, Soyabean Protein, Banana and Ahimsa Silk."

When did you first get into crafting?
Many moons ago! and multiply those moons into 2 decades :) Since my teens, I have always been interested in Eco, Organic, Recycled, Earth-Friendly ways of living. It is something that was a part of my lifestyle even before I knew it. My businesses too always reflect the same sentiment and values.

Can you remember the first item you listed?
At Eco Fabric Store - I listed this beautiful organic cotton fabric which was handwoven or "khadi" as we call it. It was dyed with plant and vegetable dyes.

Do you have a favorite piece/item to create?
I love to create custom fabric prints for my clients. Obviously no one gets to see the designs because they are all exclusive and the only rights of those designs belong to the client- yet it is a fulfilling process. It takes me back to my learning days.
I also have a little block printing space where I create fabrics prints using unique OOAK wooden blocks for myself and my family.

Do any of your items have a story behind them?
I used to have my own organic cotton garmenting and manufacturing unit which was certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) . These are stringent tests that they have to pass to gain the certification. However I closed my unit because of my marriage and moving to another city, but kept very good contacts and friendships with the certified mills I used to work with and all the fabrics that I am selling on Etsy are from those certified mills only. I work with local communities, and all the products are a representation of local communities, paying fair wages and generating local employment. Khadi for instance is a brilliant way of giving back employment to weavers of hand-looms who were no longer needed ever since power-looms came into existence. Sadly, their stomachs still existed and so did their hopes. A khadi fabric is a hand-woven fabric and each yard is a special story and has so much of character because it looks distinct and different-

(continued)  -all with the slubs and imperfections in those minute nooks and corners. The naturally dyeing process is also a lovely story - GOTS Approved Natural Dyeing (also referred as Vegetable dyeing, Herbal Dyeing). We have developed the expertise to dye/print with flowers, roots, fruits, etc. This not only prevents water pollution due to replacement of petrochemical dyes with vegetable dyes/natural dyes,but also imparts medicinal value to cloth as many herbs used for dyeing are having high medicinal value. Also, this is not a newfound process, it was a common practice in ancient India. Historically done by hand and on small scale. However working with nature needs me to work according to its moods! For instance the rainy season doesn't allow the natural dyes to dry soon. There is also high humidity issues which causes certain pigments to coagulate which is why certain colors cannot be prepared in certain seasons.

What advice would you give to someone trying to turn their craft into a business?
If you are passionate about what you do, any business will surely work

Do you have any social media pages?

Any other info you would like to share?
I keep adding new fabrics. I may have a fabric that you want, but is not listed. Also, I would love to sell them wholesale as well - just ask.

Fun Questions to Get to Know You:

What is the furthest you have traveled?
In terms of flight travel distance (physically) - a 18 hour Mumbai - Chicago flight via London
In terms of mental travel - don't ask !

What is your favorite type of candy?
I am particularly fond of strawberry and lemon flavored candies

If you could be any animal, which would you choose?
Arabic horse - white colored

What is your favorite holiday?

Have you ever broken a bone?
Yeah ...oouch :(

One winner will receive One Yard of Organic Cotton Fabric 
(of their choice) dyed Naturally with Plant / Vegetable dyes
from Eco Fabric Store!

Look what I made with my fabric I received from them!  :)

This Giveaway is open Worldwide

All entries will be verified- Please use Rafflecopter to complete your entries, so they are documented! You will find the links for each entry when you click "Do it". Please enter the additional information for verification if needed. If you are selected and the information needed is not there, or can not be verified - YOU WILL NOT WIN, another person will be selected! It is not necessary to leave your email in the comments, Rafflecopter will keep track and give me the winners email for notification.
Winner will have 48 hours to respond. Thanks for participating!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

We Have a Doctor in the House!

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Looks like brother isn't too happy about being the "patient"...   :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Meals By The Week Review + Giveaway

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I was given the opportunity to review Meals By The Week, which I was glad to accept! 
Being a busy Mom with two little boys, running a Etsy shop AND having my Hubby deployed- 
I'll take all the help I can get!  :)

Meals By The Week is also going to give a FREE 26 Week subscription ($30 Value) to one lucky reader!
This giveaway is open to the US and Canada

About Meals By The Week:
Meals by the Week helps busy families plan organized, delicious dinner menus that save time, trim the budget and make meal time a delight. We publish menus for grocery stores throughout the country, and also offer diet-specific menus for people who want a Paleo, Vegetarian, or 400 Calorie Dinner menu. 

What makes Meals by the Week different? You can scale the menu to the size of your family (from 2-16 people). Also, when you remove a meal from your menu because you don't want to fix it, the ingredients are automatically removed from your printable shopping list as well.

Meals By The Week
Meals By The Week on Facebook
Meals By The Week on Twitter

My Review:
Meals By The Week is a wonderful website! Before I get into the two samples of what I cooked, I'll explain the website. You first start out by selecting which kind of menu you want. Meals By The Week has many options. You can choose quick fix meals, vegetarian, 400 calorie meals, generic, or choose a store in your area. This is a great option- there are big stores listed by region (Walmart, Trader Joes, Publix, Whole Foods) and Meals By The Week will plan a menu by their items on sale! How wonderful is THAT?
I went with the generic (any-store) menu, that way I got a little bit of everything.  
In my menus I receive each week there is a nice variety of meals to cook. I'm given quick fixes, crock pot meals, along with others to bake in the oven like the enchiladas below. One of the quick fixes I liked was Turkey Joes. Just like Sloppy Joes but made with ground turkey. I haven't had or heard of making these with turkey before, and was interested in giving it a try. It turned out pretty delicious! Instead of having the side they recommended I served them with Cheetos knowing my boys would eat those in case they didn't like the new dish. My 15 month old loved it! My 4 year old was hesitant to try something new and stuck to the Cheetos. He is a very picky eater. One of my favorite meals I made was the Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas. These were very simple to make and super delicious.I served it with lettuce, re fried beans and Spanish rice like the menu suggested.
Meals By The Week makes planning your dinners easy as one-two-three! 1. Select your type of menu. 2. Remove any meals you prefer to skip. 3. Print out your shopping list and purchase your ingredients. How can you go wrong?

I think this is a great service for any busy household who constantly finds them-self "on the go". It's also great for families budgeting since you can plan your meals by the weekly sales for the big stores. You can adjust your shopping list for how many people you are serving too- another wonderful feature! This is just wonderful all around, I honestly have nothing negative to say. It's easy and simple, and all the hard work of planning is done for you- who wouldn't enjoy that?  :)

Want to try it out for yourself?
Enter to win a FREE 26 Week subscription! ($30 Value) 

This giveaway is open to the US and Canada

All entries will be verified- Please use Rafflecopter to complete your entries, so they are documented! You will find the links for each entry when you click "Do it". Please enter the additional information for verification if needed. If you are selected and the information needed is not there, or can not be verified - YOU WILL NOT WIN, another person will be selected! It is not necessary to leave your email in the comments, Rafflecopter will keep track and give me the winners email for notification.
Winner will have 48 hours to respond. Thanks for participating!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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