Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Handcrafted Valentine's Day Decor

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Better Homes and Gardens has some really cute ideas for Valentine's Day -  home decorations, handmade gift, and some super delicious looking sweets! Here are a few that I thought were cute  :)

Modern Valentine's Day Artwork

These cute craft projects make great shelf decorations for Valentine's Day. To craft the collage, cut out repeating shapes from fabric (we used birds and hearts in various sizes) and use spray adhesive to mount on white cardstock; frame. For more advanced crafters, pencil a design on a store-bought canvas, and then sew over your drawing using a thick needle (we used a backstitch technique).

Love Pillow

Dress up a plain throw pillow for Valentine's Day by adding the word "love" with stencils and fabric paint. Cut out your own letters or buy a set of stencils, available at crafts stores, for a quick design.

Editor's Tip: Alternate colors for each letter or use a different word on the pillow to make the design your own.

Love Candles

Send your valentine a sweet love note with a special surprise inside: pretty handcrafted votive candle sleeves that spell out a romantic message.


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I shared part of your post on my blog sending them your way.

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