Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Root Canal

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It has been a rough start to the week so far... luckily one thing I was dreading went so well. I haven't had to have dental work done before except for some sealants and a tiny cavity or two. I had to go in for a root canal which I was nervous about. The dentist who did the procedure was pretty amazing. The shot itself didn't sting too bad and after that I felt nothing. I didn't even take Tylenol later in the day! *whew!*

Something that was funny/sad was little man when I picked him up from the child care center who watched him while I got the dental work done. I had brought his blanket he loves in case he had a hard time there, which they had given him. They tied it in a little ball so it wouldn't drag- which was a good idea, but the tag was tied in the center. He loves the tag and holds it to his nose when he sleeps. So when I went to the room he was in, I saw him crying and turning the blanket over and over looking for the tag. Poor little guy. Luckily he wasn't crying long. Next time I will be sure to point out his need for the tag  :)


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